Thursday, October 7, 2010

The update on the fam..

Well as you can tell we have been a little busy lately and I have not posted a darn thing since I started this blog. Here is the first update on everyone in the house..

Marc: He has just been busy working hard and helping keep up on things around the house. Also been spending a lot more time with us now it is not so far too get to and from his work.

Brooke: She has been working hard in school on science and reading projects. She had to do a reading project on  a dork diaries book which was very hard and now she is working on a baby book for her science project on the element Neon. She is still in the runners club and ran 2.4 miles and her best time is  28 and a half minutes so far. 

Olivia: She has been busy working on spelling and her addition and subtraction math facts. She is very good at math and doing very well on the spelling. She has also finally gotten to where she is liking to read :)

Chloe: She is learning about money in school and fire safety. She has show and tell on Fridays and they have a list that tells them something they have to bring in for that Friday..this Friday she has to take something in that makes a sound. I told her to take her brother lol.

Issac: He has been a very busy little bee playing play doh, working on his abc's and numbers. He LOVES for us to read to him. He also has been doing much better at sleeping in his own room ( I bribed him with the superhero popscicles) and not in Brooke's.

and finally..
Me: I have been busy keeping the house cleaned,dinners made, helping kids with school work and all that fun stuff. I am currently trying to get a few hobbies started. I am working with baking little treats and with some polymer clay. I have so many ideas that i need to get started before i forget them all.

Olivia and Chloe also got their school pics today. They are very cute although i think the teachers sent them all outside to run around before the pics because their hair looks nothing at all like it did when they left the Thats okay they are still adorable. As soon as Brooke gets hers back I will post all 3 on here for everyone to see plus i will actually hand them out this year!!

 Well I hope everyone has a GREAT weekend and take care!